Tour d’Iceland ist ein wunderschönes Video über Radfahren und Freundschaft. Von den Machern des Rad Race eine Dokumentation über Rennrad fahren und mehr in Island.

Tour d’Iceland

“RAD TRAVELS is us making our dreams come true: Travel the world. On our bikes.
Because in our strange way of life the ideal of happiness includes a bike and some friends. That’s basically all we need.
We feel very blessed to be able to ride THE most amazing bike adventures. The main idea is to ride something similar to a pro tour: with a fixed track route and daily stops and a crew bus that has everything you need: a mechanic, some new tubes and tires and some food and drinks. Of course we’re staying in Heimplanet tents. Because they give us the maximum flexibilaty while traveling with our bikes and at the same time having the luxury of comfort while being outside and free.

So at least once a year you can feel like a pro rider ☺ For 2015 our plan was to take 2 epic cycling trips as farewell rides for our beloved friend Sebastian who died in an accident in spring. He was not only the head behind a great cycling label called Aurora Collective, but we have also planned Iceland together so this is the first of two rides that we’re having for you man! The other trip „The RAD RACE Tour D’Espana“ is also in our Vimeo channel…

Our idea for the 2015: we wanted to cycle iceland from july 23rd to 31st. On 8 Bombtrack crossers. 11 friends. 8 riders. 3 guys behind the cameras. 8 days. At least 500km. Against the wind. With the weather and the nature. We‘ll ride it whatever comes our way. We‘re sleeping in tents wherever it‘s green. With some great partners. To show the world how great exploring Iceland on bikes can be.
The plan was not to only ride the „ring street“ around the island because this is what everyone does. The plan was to take the 180k gravel road from south to north. The rental car company said „no way“ but our hearts said: „Fuck it. Let’s give it a try…“
This is Etienne Heinrich’s & Benjamin Zurek’s full documentary about this trip. Filmed & edited by these 2 guys alone. Check out for our races and our travels and just say hello wherever you are. Stop Racism – Start Raceism.

For Sebastian Gondek.”