Teil 6, und Zeit für eine Sonderedition unserer #rollenvideos-Reihe: it’s Wiggo Time. Zwei Dokumentationen über Bradley Wiggins aus 2012, 45 und 65 Minuten lang.

Video 1: Bradley Wiggins – A Very British Champion (itv, 2012)

A look at the rise of the British cyclist Bradley Wiggins who has already won three Olympic Gold medals on the track and stands on the brink of sporting history. He will be aiming to be the first ever Briton to win the greatest cycle race in the world – the Tour de France. We trace his progress from a council estate in Kilburn to his training camp in Mallorca in his quest for the podium in Paris.

Video 2: Bradley Wiggins: A Year in Yellow (BSkyB, 2012)

An in-depth, no-holds barred documentary that explores the life of one of Britain’s brightest sport stars. Cameras follow Wiggins as he takes on some of Europe’s toughest races and tries to balance his professional and personal life. With exclusive access to those closest to him, the film captures the man behind all the headlines and sporting achievements, from his arduous training schedule that sees him taken away from his family for months at a time to struggling to cope with enormous media pressure.


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